3-Fan System with three DG-1000s*


  • Three (3) Model 3 (220V) fans with Variable Speed Controllers and Flow Rings A and B.
  • Three (3) DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauges* with mounting boards.
  • Adjustable Aluminium Frame with 3 cross-bars and carrying case (max height 2440 mm, max width 1220 mm).
  • One (1) Nylon Panel for door opening (single 3-hole panel).
  • Two (2) Accessory Cases to hold gauges, manuals, tubing and other items.
  • TECTITE Express and TECLOG4 Software.

*photo shows configuration with only two of three standard included DG-1000 Gauges

Photo credit: SUHO

The Minneapolis Blower Door™ System is available in multi-fan systems suitable for testing larger buildings. The systems are modular, allowing them to be expanded and adapted to the challenges presented by every unique building. A 220-volt Model 3 three-fan system is capable of delivering up to 32,100 m3/hr at 50 Pascals.

As many as 16 DG-1000s controlling up to 24 fans can be connected with standard TECLOG4 software, bringing almost any building into measurement range.